Critic Bay – For Those That Want To Know The Advantages of Being Movie Critic

Critc Bay - We'll Tell You The Next Blockbuster-02If someone asked me to describe a typical movie critic a few years ago, I would probably start with the comic book guy from the Simpsons. You know the guy, always in front of a computer, fat, is an “expert” in everything from how tall is Elrond to who played each and every storm trooper in the Star Wars: “Empire Strikes Back”. Well, some of them may actually be like this but, of course, not all.

A movie review is a completely different thing from the movie commercial. A movie commercial has the task of getting the people to take the action of swarming the ticket lines and be amazed by what they have just seen. Well, as experience taught us, the bigger the commercial the crappier the movie actually, so that doesn’t mean nothing.

A movie review is something completely different from a movie commercial. It exist with the purpose of being informative about the movie to the fans before it gets released to the cinemas. It can be both positive and negative. In fact, I really don’t know about many movies that have gathered nothing but positive reviews. This is because movie critics are a strange breed. They don’t care about how much money the movie aims to make money and if the makers want to it to be a blockbuster. Instead, it is the movie critics that often decide on the destiny of the movie as they can either completely bury it with a bad review, or give it a praise and further help it being accepted by the audience.

Critc Bay - We'll Tell You The Next Blockbuster-01It is thanks to this freedom that movie critics usually have that many movies that were meant to be “big” were “busted’ and became a laughing stock for years to come. The names of such movies as 13th Warrior, Alamo, Cutthroat Island immediately spring to mind. Of course, you can guess who had a lot to say about these movies and make sure that the nail is properly slammed in the coffin. That’s right. movie critics. On the other side, you have movies that no one expected in their wildest dream to succeed, but because the movie critics saw that people actually put their hearts and minds into it, they helped make that movie into a blockbuster hit.

Of course, it is the audience that ultimately determines how much will a movie earn and how many people will acutely see it in the cinemas and buy a DVD, but as you can clearly see, movie critics pay a huge role in the destiny of one movie and should, therefore, never be underestimated as a huge factor in the movie industry. So, if you are ever going to make a movie of your own, just remember not to step on any critic’s toes. That will make your life miserable and the movie will practically be doomed from the start. That’s how much power they actually hold.

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